Matka Canyon
Macedonian Village

Tour Matka Canyon

  • Canyon Matka
  • Macedonian Village Complex
  • Millennium Cross
Visit to the deepest cave Vrelo and the oldest Christian church from the 13th century. Organized lunch with traditional Macedonian food in the Ethno-Complex “Macedonian Village”. Walk and panorama from the Millennium Cross on the Vodno Mountain.
Millennium Cross
St. Naum springs

Tour Ohrid

Visiting the city with 365 churches. The city of Ohrid is located on the shores of the Ohrid Lake, and offers a wonderful experience with its crystal waters, sandy beaches, museums and churches. Of course, there is also the famous Ohrid pearl more commonly known as the Balkan pearl. Here you can find excellent traditional food, the Ohrid trout and many other riches.
Biljanini springs
Alexander The Great
Skopje Bazaar

Tour Skopje

Skopje is the capital of the Republic of Macedonia. This area is full of shops and restaurants. Here you can also see the beautiful Church of the Ascension of Jesus (Sveti Spas) as well as most of the monuments from the Ottoman era. The old part of the city has a beautiful atmosphere and charm – the five centuries of the Ottoman influence in the region left Skopje in a special oriental style that is felt and seen in many places. Many of these interesting and important historical and cultural monuments from that period are still standing and are a true tourist attraction. Among them is the Sultan Murat Mosque, also known as the Mustafa Pasha Mosque, built by the sultan Murat II, as well as the Ottoman baths, and the Old Bazaar, which is a true Balkan experience with many small streets, shops with handmade items, restaurants and cafes . Going along the main street, Macedonia Street, you will come to the memorial house of Mother Teresa, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. Here is the newly renovated Macedonia Square, where the grandiose monument of Alexander III of Macedon is located.
Tiumphal gate
Mothr Theresa

Macedonian vine tour

In the past ten years, wine tourism with family owned wineries has been intensively developing in Macedonia, which through the original atmosphere will take you back to the past and the tradition of enjoying wine and life itself. From the capital Skopje, to the southern part of the country, there are already numerous wineries, which function as a real small oasis. We offer you several wonderful wine tours for all those who are fond of pleasure, tasting of excelant wines and authentic Macedonian food.
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